Nelson Bay AustraliaLocated just two and a half hours north of Sydney, Nelson Bay provides the ideal waterside holiday for tourists. This seaside town is often described as picturesque and quaint, making for an ideal escape by the sea. As this destination is in fact, a bay, it is ideal for children and families to swim in the cool waters without the crashing waves of the ocean. Water activities such as diving and snorkelling are also ideal, as well as fishing, boating and kayaking. Another of the main attractions of Nelson Bay is the plethora of marine life in the surrounding waters. It is not uncommon to see bottlenose dolphins or whales in the bay, as well as exotic fish species, turtles and more. Base yourself in Nelson Bay and venture our to Port Stephens to further explore this glorious coastal haven. Here you will find restaurants, cafes, shops, art galleries and much more to be explored. Accommodation in Nelson Bay is easily booked and suited to all types of travellers. There are hotels, motels, resorts and units on offer.
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