Gunnison ColoradoGunnison, Colorado is located in the south central portion of the American state of Colorado. The city is due west of Colorado Springs and South East of Grand Junction. This is an area with an amazing number of trekking and hiking trails. Some of them descend to the bottom of deep gorges and ravines, eventually reaching the Gunnison River. For travelers not interested in hiking or trekking, there are museums and nearby small cities dedicated to the preservation of the historic old western way of life. Visitors can learn to pan for sliver and gold and safely visit old historic mines. Gunnison Pioneer Museum The most popular attraction in the Gunnison area is the Gunnison Pioneer Museum. Students and historians who study the pioneer ways of the old American west visit this museum frequently. On display are many examples of the way of life, the tools and implements used and how the people lived in 19th century America, west of the Mississippi River. The Gunnison Pioneer Society runs the museum. It was founded in 1880 with the express reason of preserving and displaying artifacts of the old west. The most important exhibits are those related to the D&RG Narrow Gauge railway train and operational buildings. An old west home with all original furniture and items used by a family from Gunnison are also very popular. Hiking and Trekking in Gunnison Area There are three main areas for hiking and trekking in the Gunnison area. These are the Black Canyon National Forest, the Curecanti National Recreation Area and an area called Hartman Rocks. Because there is a very wide range of difficulty in the trails in the Gunnison area, hikers should check with local officials upon arrival in Gunnison. This enables visitors to have the latest information on weather conditions, trail repairs and the opening of new hiking areas.

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