Beverly Hills HotelsBeverley Hills Hotels is the neighboring city of West Hollywood and together they are surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Beverley Hills is strictly a neighborhood for homes and shops. The city has churches however no factories. It has no billboards or eyesores but parks and restaurants. There are no hospitals or cemetery’s in Beverley Hills to remind residents of mortality. It has been said that no one is ever born nor dies in Beverley Hills.

Most of the residents to the area live on the flats of Beverely Hills as opposed the hills where property values are much higher. Beverley Hills is actually the home of many movie stars as opposed to Hollywood itself.

Famous for Rodeo Drive, some clothing stores require customers to make advance reservations to shop, with some customers routinely spending $100,000 or more in a single visit to a boutique.
Beverley Hills has many well-known restaurants frequented by movies stars including Spago, The Polo Lounge and Crustacean with some classic well known restaurants such as Planet Hollywood and Jimmy’s.

Beverley Hills is without a doubt an extremely beautiful neighborhood. It’s streets are filled with exclusive boutiques and sophisticated shoppers, the residential streets are lined with multi million dollar mansions, towering trees and miles of beautifully manicured lawns. Even the pawn shops are named “Collateral Lenders” and make quick loans on Ferrari’s and Mercedez Benz as opposed to your household appliances. The post office even offers valet parking.

Beverely Hills is the place where most would like to live if they could afford it.


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