Chinle ArizonaVisit Chinle, Arizona and see the place where Kit Carson and representatives of the Navajo tribe sat down for the peace conference that ended the war between the United States Government and the Navajo tribe. Chinle is a good place to take a break from traveling and have lunch. Chinle has fast food like Burger King and Subway and casual dining in the Junction Restaurant and the King Dragon Chinese Restaurant. If you need a bank, you can use the Wells Fargo located next to the Post Office. If you want to fix it yourself, go to the Bashas' Dine' grocery store or the Pic-n-run. There's also a general store for clothes, and other items. If you happen to be in town on the right night, you can watch a basketball game in the Wild Cat Den played by the team from Chinle High School. Two colleges have a campus in Chinle. The Dine' college is owned and operated by the Navajo Nation and has 1,830 students. There is also a satellite campus of the Northern Arizona University offering weekend and evening classes. Visitors can go through the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, located 30 mile south of Chinle. The Trading Post is the oldest, operating Trading Post in America. It features products of the Navajo people including rugs, sand paintings, silver jewelry and pottery. The Canyon de Chelly National Monument will show you ancient ruins that were used by earlier inhabitants of the Canyon. The ruins are accessible only with a Navajo guide. Chinle means "flowing out" in Navajo and refers to water running out of the Canyon. Ninety percent of the 4,518 people living in Chinle are Native Americans. Chinle lies in Apache County.

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