Cortez ColoradoCortez, Colorado could be described as a town that sits quaintly between the skyscraper peaks of the San Juan mountains and the desert sands and red rock canyons due west. This ancient town has several attractions for the history buff and adrenaline seeking junky alike! The most interesting and sought after activity just outside of Cortez is the famed Mesa Verde National Park. When you arrive at this magical site you will be presented with a glimpse into culture of the Pueblo people who were considered "Cliff Dwellers." Building their homes into the sheer rock walls of the canyon, they strategically built an empire. For a historical and fun day trip, venture to Mesa Verde National Park and open your eyes to the past. After a trip to the ruins, venture to the Dolores River Canyon and take in the beauty of red rock canyons, the raging Dolores river and lush greenery surrounding the area. Whitewater rafting and hiking tours are available through the sheer cliff canyons and are suggested to be explored in Spring, Summer or Fall. If history and adventure are not quite suited to you, a trip to the Sutcliffe Vineyards will satisfy your taste buds. Tours of the winery are available daily and there is a tasting room with several different available Colorado handcrafted wines. Good wine and lovely storytelling people will provide you with an extremely interesting day in Cortez. Take one drive around Cortez and you will immediately notice that this town has a historical past and modern day charm. Explore the ruins of the past, enjoy the many outdoor activities and end your day sipping on a glass of handcrafted unique Colorado wine.

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