Denver hotels USAThe lovely city of Denver, Colorado sits at 5,280 feet hence it's nickname The Mile High City. With a mountainous atmosphere with peaks topping out at 14,000 feet to the West, and plains that the eye could see for miles to the East, Denver's location is unique and attracts several different people for work and play, 619,968 to be exact. Being a year round playground, Denver offers several attractions & activities for children, adults and families alike. Adventure can be found anywhere from quick day trips to bordering suburbs or simply by venturing to the 16th St. Mall downtown. Speaking of, the 16th St. Mall offers numerous shopping and dining options with an artistic flare! You would have to look twice to realize that you are in the middle of downtown Denver. No traffic is allowed through the streets and various colorful murals are displayed on pianos bolted to the sidewalks. Check out the 16th St. Mall for fabulous dining, shopping and people watching. Spanning more than 23 acres, the Denver Botanic Gardens deliver beauty and awe that can usually not be found in a city center. Featuring 15,000 different species from around the world and an array of colorful lights during the holidays, the Denver Botanic Gardens are an attraction not to be missed when visiting Denver. If you are looking for live music, Denver hosts an immense amount of venues but the Red Rocks Amphitheater tops out our list. Located just a few miles outside of the city limits in Morrison, Red Rocks has live music on practically every weekend in summer and is surrounded by stunning formations of red rock and nature. Finally, be sure to visit the several museums, amusement parks and shopping centers that make Denver so unique. Scattered throughout the city, they are sure to not disappoint the family or individual looking for a fun daytime activity.

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