Holbrook ArizonaThe tiny yet charming town of Holbrook, Arizona is widely known as the "Gateway to the Petrified National Forest." You will find more natural wonders and historical sites here than any fancy shopping centers or restaurants, so don't go looking! One could describe this town as magical and interesting. Meteors have landed here, the desert looks as if it was painted in time and the fossils and gems that surround the area are absolutely incredible. A must see in Holbrook is the Petrified Forest National Park which displays a vivid arrangement, not to mention the largest arrangement, of petrified wood in the world! You can travel from the North to the South end of the park in 28 miles and experience numerous natural wonders as well as gift shops and gleaming tourists. Another section of the Petrified Forest National Park is the Painted Desert. Nature has painted a natural wonder from erosion of sandstone and mud over the past millions of years. Be sure to check out the nearby meteor crater which is on private property and displays a meteor that slammed into the earth about 50,000 years ago. The national park also showcases Tepees from the ancient natives of the land and well as several other beautiful areas in the park. Speak to a ranger and find out the best hidden secrets in the park. Although Holbrook is considered an overnight rest stop by many, take the time to explore that natural beauty that presents itself here. Take a drive on Old Route 66 and journey into the unknown in a land where meteors have left their presence and the ever changing topography causes for a spectacular view into the past and future.

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