Williams ArizonaIn Williams, Arizona, you can visit the Grand Canyon on a vintage train or learn about the end of Route 66. Since lodging is scarce within the park, tourists often take advantage of the motels and inns in Williams. In 1984, the authorities of Williams didn't like the idea of the town being bypassed by I-40 because they foresaw a drop in city revenues. They filed lawsuits blocking the construction of the freeway. Williams was the last place in the United States to allow I-40 to bypass Route 66. The Federal Government allowed Williams to have three exits on the freeway and the town government dropped their lawsuits. The city has only 3,023 residents. It grows to several times that number in the tourist season. Tourists can visit several local attractions. The Grand Canyon Railway uses historic trains to make the 65 mile trip to the canyon. The South Rim used similar trains in 1901 to bring people into the canyon. The railroad was behind construction of most of the buildings that exist today in the park. Bearizona Wildlife Park lets visitors drive their own vehicles on a three mile long roadway where they can watch American burros, Arctic wolves, big horn sheep, bison and black bears. The humans stay inside the car. The animals roam freely. For a change of pace, visit the Planes of Fame Air Museum where nearly three dozen, classic aircraft are on display. Visitors can see the C-121A Constellation which General Douglas MacArthur used for personal transportation. Pet's Route 66 Gas Station Museum presents a world in which nobody pumped their own gas and paid 27 cents a gallon. There's a gift shop with gas station memorabilia and a museum with old gas pumps and oil cans and signs advertising everything the driver needed as he traveled on Route 66.

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